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A Note from Kylie:

Welcome to KylieIreland.com … since 1996 this is THE place to find all things Kylie … and more. There is more filth on my website than you could shake your stick at. I’m not kidding. But it’s more than just that so come in, take a look around and get to know ME. No matter what tickles your fancy, KylieIreland.com has what you are looking for …

Where can you find me?

  1. Kylie Ireland MoviesMovies

    — Enjoy all my movies plus thousands more in my full screen theater! Fulfill all your wanking needs right here with my favorite movies!
  2. Kylie Irleand BlogBlog

    Keep up with what’s new in the Risqué world! Catch up with a Message Board filled with all kinds of info about everyone’s latest projects, stories, photos, behind-the-scenes clips and LIFE.
  3. Kylie Irleand RadioRadio

    —Catch up on the madness and mayhem of my life as well as my thoughts on current affairs, life and love! Weekly (more or less) podcasts available on my blog and soundcloud.
  4. Kylie Irleand Auctions


    Pick yourself up some nifty Kylie collectables. … Check back often for new, exciting, one-of-a-kind goodies such as my panties, autographed photos and movies and even my action figure!
  5. Kylie Irleand Cam Shows

    Cam Shows

    — My schedule is crazy, but when I have the time I love playing around and getting fucked while you watch!
  6. Kylie Irleand ArtMy Art

    — What kind of art would a porn star create? Learn about my alter ego, DeeKay, and my art. Make me an offer I can’t refuse..
  7. Kylie Irleand InstagramInstagram

    — I’m a photographer and a pornographer…so you know my Instagram photos are gonna be good. Or at least entertaining. … and you can even buy prints of my awesome photos HERE.
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    — Yes, I still have the obligatory Facebook Fan page. At least until they decide to delete it.

Where Do I Go From Here?

When I was very new to the adult biz some of the first people I met were the fine folks at Risqué Management and the stunning stars they represented. For some time even I was represented by Risqué. As time went on, movies were filmed, memories were made and, most importantly, friendships were formed that have now spanned nearly two decades. Now Risqué has become the home for kick-ass web design and here I am back amongst friends and beautiful stars… it has been, and continues to be quite a ride. Expect amazing things…

Tempting Kylie