DeeKay [dih-KAY]

  1. 1. to become decomposed; to deteriorate or rot
  2. 2. Physics. to change spontaneously into one or more different states
  1. 3. Street Artist. specializing in americana, sex and humour.

DeeKay’s adventures in street art and photography started with her love of Americana as a child, travelling around the United States in the back of a 1934 Chevy.

She has long been a photographer, focusing mostly on the great vanishing motel signs across America. The neon behemoths of the post-Depression and Googie era; rusted motel and liquor store signs that are, in a way, street art themselves. The glowing neon never appealed to her; instead she prefers to photograph them in the harsh light of day capturing their neglected and weathered textures; great metal victims of the elements, rusting and peeling, broken neon… forgotten, decrepit and unloved.

Fast forward a decade. Her on-screen persona as adult film star Kylie Ireland kept her constantly in the public eye; her photography became sacred, a passion she chose to share with a select few, a little piece of herself, something kept very close to her.

As the photographer for street art blog bombedoutLA, DeeKay’s passion for urban decay began an interesting transformation into stencil and wheat pastes; combining her love of old signs with images from her adult career, creating a unique flavor of sexy street art with images of faded Americana from her own personal collection.

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